Michael Patin

Mr. Patin has advised businesses and organizations from positions in both government and professional practice for over twenty-five years. He has worked with some of the largest and most notable national and international companies on commercial evaluation of emerging technologies and product development, valuation and strategic management of patents and technology, competitive and market analysis, damages in disputes, and investment/financial due diligence with emphasis on intellectual property (IP) issues.


Patin Associates Inc., which he founded in 1995, specializes in helping clients build competitive advantage by providing:

  • Interactive financial analysis, forecast, and projection tools for use by managers and investors.
  • Quantitative analysis and spreadsheet modeling of complex business models and processes to identify real drivers and improvement areas.
  • Commercial assessment, risk analysis, and valuation of patented technology (past valuations having translated into several hundred million in cash flow for clients).
  • Intellectual asset management best practices through aligning the objectives of marketing, R&D, and patent counsel.
  • Financial and M&A due diligence surrounding IP matters.
  • Special expertise in software, electronics, biotech, and alternative energy technologies and value.