Dr. Gus G. Orphanides

Dr. Orphanides is a 30 year veteran of the chemical industry who recently retired from Air Products and Chemicals. Inc., where he served as Director of Intellectual Asset Management and Licensing.  He is now president of gNOSSIS LLC, a newly formed consulting practice specializing in technology transfer and licensing and intellectual asset management.  While at Air Products, Dr. Orphanides created an enterprise intellectual asset management process for a corporate technology licensing business that has grown revenues steadily year over year.  He has edited and authored several articles published in Les Nouvelles, the main publication of the Licensing Executive Society International (LESI), and has presented at many licensing conferences on the subject of intellectual property management and licensing best practices.  One of his transactions, “The Licensing of LSV® Burners for Ethylene Manufacture,” was recognized by LES in 2007 with the “deal of distinction award” by the Chemical, Material and Energy Sector.  His past work experiences include research and development, technology transfer, new business development, licensing, and acquisitions and divestments on an international basis.  Dr. Orphanides has led cross-functional, enterprise teams in developing work processes for intellectual asset management, gated research project management and project portfolio management.  Previously he worked for the du Pont Company in product research.  Dr. Orphanides is a member of the Licensing Executive Society, AAAS and the American Chemical Society.  He holds a Ph. D. in organic chemistry from the Ohio State University and a B.S. in chemistry from Hobart College.  He is a recipient of the CLPTM certification from the Licensing Executive Society.


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  • “Accelerating the Licensing Process for To-Be-Developed Technologies”, Les Nouvelles, March 2007
  • “Global Energy: Challenges to Technology and Opportunities for Licensing”, Les Nouvelles, March 2008

Award:   Winner of 2007 Licensing Deal of Distinction by the Chemical, Energy, Materials Section of Licensing Executive Society