To remain competitive, many corporations are now embracing a more open approach to innovation; specifically that means technology-based partnerships based on porous innovation pipelines. According to the Business Dictionary, partnering is the establishment of “a long term win-win relationship based on mutual trust and teamwork, and on sharing of both risks and rewards.”

We can help you identify the right partners, make appropriate contacts and facilitate the communications needed to get the process rolling.  We have a large range of contacts at:

  • Universities- in the US, Europe, China, Japan, and Singapore.
  • National Labs and Institutes in US, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and China
  • Small Businesses through NSF and DOE SBIR program.

Partnerships can take many forms, such as:

  • consortia, material transfer agreements, sponsored research, licensing in, joint developments, and cooperative R&D agreements

By focusing on what each party does best and by sharing IP and other resources, partnering helps drive efforts to successful outcomes.  Companies save time and resources and realize efficiencies, while increasing the chances for success.