IP Licensing

Our goal:

  • To help you get the most value from your intellectual property

We can help you license out technology to others and license in technology that you need to support your business objectives.  Out-licensing revenues from large portfolios can contribute a significant fraction of the company’s R&D expenses.

We can assist you in planning your licensing process, select the technologies from your portfolio and perform the following tasks:


Companies and investors increasingly need to understand the value of patented technology and other intellectual assets. Series financing, company and technology acquisitions, joint venture partnerships, collateralized obligations, exits and other transactions demand appropriate due diligence in the commercial evaluation of intellectual property as well as the fair valuation of those assets. We understand this need and bring significant experience to bear in helping you properly evaluate both the potential risks and returns associated with intellectual property in your business transactions. Our analyses include:

- commercial evaluation of your patented technology and other intangible assets

- risks associated with technological developments in your area

- competitive intelligence and market potential

- financial valuation of patents and other intellectual property

License Strategy

A more in-depth view of your patent portfolio to determine which orphan technologies can enhance your bottom line through licensing and identifying/engaging potential licensees.  This is done in concert with your business strategy to generate a good continuing revenue stream.

Marketing Plan/Licensing and Negotiation

Positioning of new technologies for licensing and consultation on licensing terms.