Intellectual Asset Management

Intellectual property (IP) creation is no longer “invent and hold.”

You are innovating in a world where IP markets are beginning to develop.  You can:

  • buy or sell IP
  • barter or donate the internal IP
  • grant rights of internal IP or exchange for rights from external IP
  • receive equity in a venture

We can help you develop new processes and protocols for managing IP in this emerging world.

IP that is developed and protected by over 90% of companies is typically a byproduct of Research and Development.  Most IP results from technology push projects, and most large patent owners (e.g., Fortune 500 companies) try to extract value from it. As a consequence, close to 90% of the patents granted to these companies are deemed unusable in their products or processes.

A proper and robust Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) process would look more at

  • linking IP development with business strategies
  • developing specific IP strategies designed to create advantageously positioned IP, and
  • using multiple sourcing options such as acquisition and alliances, as well as internal IP development


  • Overlay this process with a continual assessment of the competitive IP landscape.

Only when these linked strategies and competitive assessments are integrated can one achieve the right strategy combinations that align with desired outcomes for effective value extraction.

What we offer:

  • Competitive landscaping of IP ( through partnering with SciTech)
  • Management process and organizational design
  • Portfolio Management to minimize costs and maximize revenue generation
  • Technology and business Intelligence
  • Due diligence of M&A for the IP in the transaction.