Government Contracting

The US government spends as much on research as all industry combined, presenting rewarding opportunities to partner with government agencies like the Departments of Energy and Defense.  However, winning a contract or grant is not as simple as it seems.  A specialty skill base is required which includes marketing to the government agency and the program directors, responding to the right topic, aligning with the strategies of the company conducting that research, developing the right strategy and approach, and preparing a successful proposal.

Our objective:

  • To collaborate with companies interested in or involved with Government Contracting.


Specifically we can:

  • Provide guidance in responding to Government solicitations
  • Provide strategies to win Government contracts.
  • Coordinate and manage preparation of proposals.
  • Assist in contract development and negotiation

Our target markets are companies interested in doing business with the Government in areas such as:

  • Research, development and demonstration of innovative products and processes
  • Commercial (off-the-shelf) products

Let us help you:

  • Identify available and applicable Federal and State funding opportunities that mesh with your technology
  • Market offerings to the Government
  • Assist in negotiating an agreement
  • Manage the agreement
  • Manage cost information

After award, ongoing activities such as contract negotiations, contract administration, contract accounting, reporting, and audits management are requirements that must be successfully carried out.  We have access to very experienced people who can provide administrative and management expertise in carrying out Government-funded projects.