About O-Innovation Advisors

In today’s marketing world, those with ideas, those with technologies, those with marketing channels, and those with financial resources must work together for success. This is what open innovation is, and it’s what we can make happen.

Our associates are experts in government contracting, IP licensing, partnering and intellectual asset management. Let us help you be more innovative and show you how we can make your ideas profitable ideas.
Each of our team members has over 30+ years of experience, and collectively we have:

  • Completed over 100 proposals to DOE, DOD, and other Government agencies
  • Negotiated and managed over $500 million in contracts
  • Licensed over $300 million in revenues and royalties
  • Collected over $200 million in other IP value extraction
  • Negotiated Contracts of over $500 million with universities and research institutes
  • Partnered with dozens of industrial entities
  • Managed intellectual property portfolios for four Fortune 500 companies